The Landlord and Tenant Law Course is not currently offered at Hamline University School of Law, as Visiting Professor of Law Larry McDonough completed his year at Hamline.

Landlord and Tenant Law
Professor Larry McDonough
2 Credits 
Thursdays  1:00-2:50

Landlord and tenant law affects almost all attorneys at one time or another, either personally as residential or commercial landlord or tenants, or in advising or representing clients.

Landlord and tenant law applies to the largest commercial malls with complex written leases and the smallest studio apartments with no written leases, as well as expensive condos and inexpensive public housing apartments and mobile homes.

Many attorneys called upon to provide advice or representation to landlords or tenants with little notice or preparation.

Landlord and tenant law is a complex mixture of property, contracts, torts, constitutional, administrative, consumer, poverty, disability, regulatory, and legislative law.  This class covers national trends in landlord and tenant law, but also with a focus on Minnesota law.

Visiting Professor of Law Larry McDonough will teach this new course at Hamline, which is not taught at any of the other Twin Cities law schools.  He is a veteran housing attorney in Legal Services programs for 27 years, who has represented tenants facing eviction, housing repair problems, privacy violations, utility shutoff and lockouts in state Housing Courts, Federal Court, and the Minnesota Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.  He also teaches the Trial Practice Clinic

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